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We are on a mission to help Brits save this summer, We are reimbursing hundreds of fish and chip dinners every Friday! So put an order in and tag #SarsonsFryday, it might be free! Full T&Cs at: https://fal.cn/3qZeo

Eating fish and chips on the beach has ranked fifth in a poll of the things that make for a quintessentially British summer.

READ>>> https://www.frymagazine.com/post/it-wouldn-t-be-summer-without-fish-and-chips-reveals-poll

Unsurprisingly, the replies to this are quite conclusive! Chippy chips absolutely smashing their European cousins! πŸ˜‰ Incidentally, the chippy chips image we used are from our friends at Oldswinford Fish and Chips near Stourbridge. Well worth a visit if you are near the area πŸ‘ https://twitter.com/myappetiteuk/status/1557049070606176256


You can keep only one! Which gets your vote? Chippy chips or French fries! Let us know in the comments πŸ‘


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It’s not against the law to have both curry sauce and mushy peas with fish and chips is it?
Well tough, it’s happening and I’m sure the haters are going to hate.

Potato sprout suppressant 1,4SIGHT has gained full approval in the UK, providing a welcome addition to the list of products used to maintain tuber dormancy in stores.