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Our very own Carol-Ann has been out spreading the joy on @nationalfishandchipday, supplying a local care home with a fish & chips lunch followed by a cheeky serenade with her ๐ŸŽท.

What have you been doing to celebrate?



Yayyyy - it's #nationalfishandchipday - our favourite day of the year! @neoda_oils

So excited for today, let's remind everyone how fantastic fish and chips are and how much fun it is to visit the local chippy!

With a background in lean management, Serj Shergill is keen to help chippies diversify and increase profitability. Heโ€™s even formed a co-operative with local shops to buy better.

READ>>> https://online.flippingbook.com/view/230551292/21/

Only 2 days to go until #nationalfishandchipday Here are 50 things you can do to celebrate the day in your shop! @neoda_oils @MiddletonFrying @KFELtd @mitchellpots @seafoodnorway @SarsonsUK @PukkaPies @seafishuk @collinsseafoods @DrywiteLtd @Agrico_UK

A new hub has been set up by @UK_NSC specifically for chippies with loads of free tools to help friers communicate the value of buying sustainable fish and chips.

We strongly recommend you check it out & use the resources that work for you.

READ>>> https://www.frymagazine.com/post/nsc-provides-free-online-tools-to-help-promote-sustainability