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grade one growers

We work closely with selected growers from grade one growing areas, who use certified seeds. This results in ever increasing quality. We purchase potatoes throughout the UK, taking advantage of different growing regions throughout the year to keep a consistent quality standard.

All growers operate their farms and crop growing and crop storage to Assured Produce Scheme standards and be APS registered and independently audited. This results in safe food, with produce traceability, accountability, and safe use and application of herbicides and pesticides.

From field to fryer


Seed stock selection is vital to ensure that the highest possible standards of crop health are maintained. Seed is selected from the best growers across England and Scotland.


The UK’s fastest growing and largest wholesale direct delivery distributor for chipping potatoes and frying potatoes direct to the fish and chip shop and catering trade.


Our highly skilled harvesting teams take every care when harvesting by regularly inspecting machines for areas that may cause damage and also minimising drop height.


Every load of fresh potatoes that we collect from a farm is tested for: Peeling quality and yield, Size, Fry Quality and Appearance, Taste and Texture Ultimately, we are looking for potatoes that produce a good yield for you as well as providing a delicious golden chip.


We run a modern fleet which is regularly updated. This ensures that all our deliveries run on schedule.


Only the best grades are supplied to the fish and chip shops, any others are rejected and sent to other sectors of the potato industry.

Our Brands


Potatoes are predominantly sourced from Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire. These potatoes have been stored in Temperature controlled box stores to help keep them firm with consistent fry colours. If you are looking to make a saving at this expensive point in the season we also offer potatoes from Belgium and France. Best varieties for this time of year are Markies, Sagitta and Agria.


In early July we switch to new crop chipping potatoes from Shropshire. Look out for the varieties Arcade and Accord for good dry matter, flavour and fry colour.


At the onset of autumn maincrop varieties such as Cesar, Ramos and Maris piper are recommended for maximum flavour and appearance.


There are a lot of varieties available at this point, we recommend Ramos, Challenger, Sagitta, Lady Anna, Markies and Agria. REMEMBER TO KEEP YOU POTATOES WARM. If potatoes get too cold they will produce excess starch, their sugar levels will change and they will start to fry darker or with a mixed fry colour. Insulation of any kind in the winter is advisable when temperatures drop below Zero degrees C. Quilts, duvets, blankets are probably the easiest things to get your hands on.

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