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Here at Mitchell Potatoes we place our emphasis on quality and choice. The family has been growing and selling potatoes in England since 1883. Over the years the company has grown steadily and now specialises in chipping potatoes for the UK fish and chip take away and restaurant market. We can supply a large part of England and Wale directly and our washed chippers are available in National wholesale outlets.

We have a large choice available at all points of the Season, giving our customer the option to chose from over 30 different types of potatoes. We are currently in April and hitting the last quarter of the Season. This is a difficult time for our customer as the quality of potatoes usually deteriorates while the price increases.

You may not want to hear it but the best variety for this time of year is Markies. The variety has a bad rap but if you buy a sample with the correct dry matter you will have a potato which gives you:

  • A decent peeling yield
  • A good fry colour
  • Flavour and Texture
  • Time in the hot box

In recent years Markies has definitely become more popular and we have converted a lot of fryers back onto them for the latter part of the season. The key is the dry matter, a level of 20-22 will ensure the chip is not too dry. Unfortunately, these potatoes will come at a price premium but it’s worth paying for improved quality at this time of the year. Potatoes usually come down in price in Mid to late July so you can make up the short fall then.

We expect prices to increase from now through to the end of the Season. Expect to pay from £1 -£2 per 25kg more than you are currently paying by the end of June. Next Season presents more problems I’m afraid. The cost of fertiliser, energy and the current labour shortage is going to cause price inflation. Growers input costs have gone up by a £1 a bag. In addition to this Ukraine is the 4th largest producer of potatoes in the World and produces a similar level to that of the United States. Their acreage will be greatly reduced its predicted. The acreage in the UK is also predicted to drop due weakening demand and costs increases. All this being said if weather conditions are conducive to growing prices should be similar or slightly higher than this Season. If growing conditions are challenging expect to pay an average of £2-£3 a sack more for your potatoes.